Renewing Members:

You will need to Log-in and go to your member profile to renew.

  • Log-in; On the Home page at the upper right corner is the "Log-in" box and place for your password. You will need to use the email address you originally joined with to Log-in.
  • Enter "Password"; If you lost your password it can be reset. just use your same email address and click forgot password and it will guide you to reset or pick a new password. Then you can return and start these steps again.
  • Find Profile; When you are Logged in, immediately underneath where you see your name at the upper right corner, you should see "View Profile". Go to your profile by clicking link "view profile"
  • Find Renewal bar/button; toward the middle of the profile page on the right side.You will see "Renew until 00/00/0000" bar/button to start the renewal process. It will walk you the rest of way.
  • At the end of the renewal steps it will direct you for payment, select manually method if you want to mail in a check or money order, or continue online and you will then go to PayPal to pay with your PayPal, you may use your PayPal personal account (your PayPal account email) or fill-out the form to process using a credit card.

NOTES: You may only make changes to your profile if membership is current. If your not current or lapsed by an excessive period of time, you may not be able to log-in. No worries, just send membership director an email if this happens. If you have a new email address, same thing, just email membership director with your updates and your info can be changed administratively. Past or expired memberships are not purged from our system unless asked to cancel membership, so if you have been out of circulation or want to renew but its been awhile, please contact membership director with these questions so your data can be brought current.  

Proof of Service:

*Renewing members are assumed to have these documents on file.

Payment Methods Accepted:

  • Payments can be made through this website with PayPal(personal account) or PayPal(credit cards) or by mail in,
  • Check
  • Cashiers Check
  • Money Order - Do Not Send Cash

Membership Mailing Address:

American Cold War Veterans

4006 Hermitage Road

Richmond Virginia 23227

*Mail in Application, Dues and/or Proof of Service to above address.

*Please allow two weeks for processing. 

Contact Membership Director:

*Please contact by E-mail or by phone for assistance.

Tel:  727-867-8137

Email: ftims@aol.com


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