Thanks to everyone who participated in our "Ask the Secretary" effort. We had over 40,000 votes on 99 questions submitted by our site visitors. We will be posting his answers to the top 5 questions here soon. http://www.defense.gov/voting/PollDetails.aspx?ID=1

Q. What question would you like the Secretary to answer?

Poll Results:  results do not reflect the opinion of the Department of Defense    

1. Secretary Gates: Are you in favor of, and will you issue a Cold War Victory Medal this Year?    83.7%    
2. Would you support a Europe Defense Service Medal to recognize those who served in the front line of freedom from 1945-1991?    45.3%    
3. What are the strategic military goals in Afghanistan and how do they support the US national goals?    35.1%    
4. Should the US Navy be tasked with dealing with pirates? If so, then what modifications need to be made so that the US Navy can effectively control the pirate threat?    33.5%    
5. What retaliation are you willing to use against the D.P.R.K. if they ever use nuclear weapons?    33.4%


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