*Associate Membership is also open for civilians who served honorably in the Intelligence Community (e.g., CIA, DIA, NSA, ONI, State Department's Office of Intelligence and Research) during the period September 6, 1945 - December 26, 1991. Those joining as Intelligence Community employees should indicate branch or agency. Military "Proof of Service" not required for Associate Membership.

*General Membership is open to military veterans who served honorably during the Cold War era between September 6, 1945, and December 26, 1991. "Proof of Service" documents required. Honorable service is denoted by "not less than honorable".

*Life Membership is open to current members meeting the following:

  • Must be a "veteran" member, and
  • Must be in good standing for at least one year, and
  • Must be in good standing at all times after becoming Life, and
  • Must have required "proof of service" documents on file, or
  • *Life membership can also be by award, only from BOD set forth in bylaws.

*USS Liberty Survivors: if you are a crew member/survivor of the tragedy on the USS liberty, you may join without dues. Please contact membership for details and to be verified for this membership status.

*The ACWV will not exclude anyone from the organization because of inability to pay. Please contact the Membership Director by E-mail or by phone for assistance. 



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