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Sustaining: $125 & above
Platinum $100
Gold $75
Silver $50
General $25
Dues may be paid via Paypal through this website, or by mail. Mailed dues must be accompanied by a copy of Proof of Service (e.g. DD 214 or Certificate of Service). Membership is also open for civilians who served honorably in the Intelligence Community (e.g., CIA, DIA, NSA, ONI, State Department's Office of Intelligence and Research) during the period September 6, 1945 - December 26, 1991. Those joining as Intelligence Community employees should indicate branch or agency.

Those joining via Internet must send in evidence of service within 60 days.

Mailed in dues must be in the form of check, cashiers check, or money order - do not send cash.

Mail in Application and Dues to:

American Cold War Veterans
P.O.Box 13517
St. Petersburg, FL 33733-3517

*The ACWV will not exclude anyone from the organization because of inability to pay. Please contact the Membership Director by phone or E-mail for assistance. E-mail address for Membership Director is


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