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 In Memory of USS Liberty (AGTR-5), a ship of the US Navy, attacked by Israeli aircraft and PT boats in international waters near Gaza, June 8, 1967.
34 men were killed and 171 wounded.

Let them never be forgotten!
Books and DVD on the attack
USS Liberty Website

General James A. Van Fleet led US Military Advisory and Planning Group, Greece 1948-50; and Commanded the Eighth US Army, Korea 1951-53

Major Arthur Nicholson, US Army, Killed in East Germany by Soviet Soldier March 24, 1985

RB-29 shot down over Sea of Japan near Kamchatka Peninsula, USSR, June 13, 1952 USAF Crew of 12 presumed killed
(Busch, Samuel N, MAJ; Scully, James A, 1LT; Service, Samuel D, 1LT; McDonnell, Robert J, 1LT; Homer, William B, MSG; Moore, David L, MSG; Blizzard, William A, SSG; Moneserrat, Miguel W, SSG; Berg, Eddie R, SSG' Bonura, Leon F, SSG Becker, Roscoe G., SSG Pillsbury, Danny A, A1C)

RB-66 Shot down March 10, 1964, Over East Germany - Despite Rights of access, Soviet and East German aircraft harassed and shot at US aircraft. Crew captured and repatriated

RB-50 shot down over Sea of Japan near Kamchatka Peninsula July 29, 1953, one survivor, crew of 12 presumed killed.

Lt. Jesse Beasly - Neptune aircraft lost over the Yellow Sea - January 4, 1954
(photo courtesy Satch Beasley)

PFC Walter Boyd, USMC, KIA in Operation to rescue SS Mayaguez from Khmer Rouge May 15. 1975 MAJ Arthur D. Nicholson, Jr. Shot by Soviet Soldier in East Germany March 24, 1985. MAJ Richard Heyser, USAF, U-2 Pilot who took the photos Of missile sites that led to the Cuban Missile Crisis. CIA photo.
Douglas Mackierman Arthur Maloney Michael Maloney
Pharies 'Bud' Petty
KIA Angola 1989
Michael M Deuel - Captain USMCR - CIA operative killed in Laos helicopter crash in 1965 Matthew Gannon

Five US Navy Airmen lost on antisubmarine patrol, Greenland January 12,1962 (Brown, Gaswick, Milette, Rennenberg, Wells)

Robert Lee Krag, LCDR USN, and 128 Shipmates Killed in Loss of USS Thresher April 10, 1963.

Seaman Duane Hodges, USN, USS Pueblo, Killed by North Korean Shelling, January 23, 1968 Jack D. Lively, killed in shoot down Of US Navy P2V Aircraft by Soviet Planes near Vladivostok, USSR
October 4, 1951
SGT Gregory Fronius March 31, 1987 KIA El Salvador, US Army, 7th Special Forces Group
COL Nick Rowe,
Killed by terrorists in Philippines, April 21, 1989
James McGovern,
CIA Pilot,
KIA over Dien Bien Phu, Vietnam,
May 3, 1954.
Francis Slattery
Cmdr. Francis A. Slattery, skipper of USS Scorpion (SSN-589) lost at sea in the Atlantic May 22, 1968, with crew of 99 men. Lt. Cmdr. David Bennett Lloyd, Executive Officer, USS Scorpion, lost May 22, 1968, in mid-Atlantic

99 Shipmates on Eternal Patrol in USS SCORPION (SSN-589)
Francis Atwood Slattery, CDR - (CO)

Walter William Bishop, TMC - (COB)

Keith A.M. Allen, FTG2 / Thomas Edward Amtower, IC2 / George Gile Annable, MM2 /
Joseph Anthony Barr, Jr., FN / Michael JonBailey, RM2 / Michael Reid Blake, IC3 /
Robert Harold Blocker, MM1 / Kenneth Ray Brocker, MM2 / James Kenneth Brueggeman, MM1 /
Robert Eugene Bryan, MMC / John Patrick Burke, LT / Daniel Paul Burns, Jr., RMSN /
Ronald Lee Byers, IC2 / Duglas Leroy Campbell, MM2 / Samuel Cardullo, MM2 /
Francis King Carey, MM2 / Gary James Carpenter, SN / Robert Lee Chandler, MM1 /
Mark Helton Christiansen, MM2 / Romeo Constantino, SD1 / Robert James Cowan, MM1 /
Joseph Cross, SD1 / Garlin Ray Denney, RMC / Michael Edward Dunn, FN /
Richard Philip Engelhart, ETR2 / George Patrick Farrin, LT / William Ralph Fennick, FTGSN /
Robert Walter Flesch, LT / Vernon Mark Foli, IC3 / James Walter Forrester, Jr., LTjg /
Ronald Anthony Frank, SN / Michael David Gibson, CSSN / Steven Dean Gleason, IC2 /
William Clarke Harwi, LT / Michael Edward Henry, STS2 / Larry Leroy Hess, SK1 /
Richard Curtis Hogeland, ET1 / John Richard Houge, MM1 / Ralph Robert Huber, EM2 /
Harry David Huckelberry, TM2 / John Frank Johnson, EM3 / Robert Johnson, RMCS /
Steven Leroy Johnson, IC3 / Julius Johnston, III, QM2 / Patrick Charles Kahanek, FN /
Donald Terry Karmasek, TM2 / Richard Allen Kerntke, MMCS / Rodney Joseph Kipp, ETR3 /
Dennis Charles Knapp, MM3 / Charles Lee Lamberth, LT / Max Franklin Lanier, MM1 /
John Weichert Livingston, ET1 / David Bennett Lloyd, LCDR / Kenneth Robert Martin, ETN2 /
Frank Patsy Mazzuchi, QMCS / Michael Lee McGuire, ET1 / Steven Charles Miksad, TM3 /
Joseph Francis Miller, Jr., TM3 / Cecil Frederick Mobley, MM2 / Raymond Dale Morrison, QM1 /
Michael Anthony Odening, LTjg / Daniel Christopher Petersen, EMC / Dennis Paul Pherrer, QM3 /
Gerald Stanley Pospisil, EM1 / Donald Richard Powell, IC3 / Earl Lester Ray, MM2 /
Jorge Louis Santana, CS1 / Lynn Thompson Saville, HMC / Richard George Schaffer, ETN2 /
William Newman Schoonover, SN / Phillip Allan Seifert, SN / George Elmer Smith, Jr., ETC /
Laughton Douglas Smith, LTjg / Robert Bernard Smith, MM2 / Harold Robert Snapp, Jr., ST1 /
Daniel Peter Stephens, LCDR / Joel Candler Stephens, ETN2 / David Burton Stone, MM2 /
John Phillip Sturgill, EM2 / Richard Norman Summers, YN3 / John Driscoll Sweeney, Jr., TMSN /
John Charles Sweet, LT / James Frank Tindol, III, ETN2 / Johnny Gerald Veerhusen, CSSN /
Robert Paul Violetti, TM3 / Ronald James Voss, STS3 / John Michael Wallace, FTG1 /
Joel Kurt Watkins, MM1 / Robert Westley Watson, MMFN / James Edwin Webb, MM2 /
Leo William Weinbeck, YNCS / James Mitchell Wells, MMC / Ronald Richard Williams, SN /
Robert Alan Willis, MM3 / Virgil Alexander Wright, III, IC1 / Donald HowardYarbrough, TM1 /
Clarence Otto Young, Jr., ETR2

USS Hobson sunk 700 miles off Azores, in collision with USS Wasp, April 26, 1952, 176 men killed, 61 survived.

James F. McIntyre, survivor of Hobson sinking is lifted by rescuers.

Two injured survivors of the destroyer-minesweeper Hobson sinking, Chief Storekeeper Gene J. St. Martin, left, Hartford, Conn., and Radio Seaman David D. Stanford, Starrucca, Pa