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Lawmaker Pushes Medal To Recognize Veterans Who Served In Cold War

29 May 2015.
On April 28. 2015 Congressman Steve Israel introduced a new bill to authorize a Cold War Service Medal
H.R. 2067 The Cold War Service Medal Act of 2015 would authorize the Cold War Service Medal to those
who served between Sept. 1945 and Dec. 1991, for at least 24 months or 30 days deployed; or was a member
of a reserve component and called or ordered to active duty to participate in exercises or operations directly
related to the Cold War; as determined by the Secretary of Defense; or performed such service in the
Armed Forces during the Cold War as the Secretary of Defense may prescribe.

Please contact your Representative asking them to cosponsor H.R. 2067 The Cold War Service Medal
Act of 2015. Then push to have to bill which is now in the House Armed Services Committee, brought
to the floor for a full vote; and urge passage of the bill.

Then contact both of your Senators asking them to introduce similar legislation in the Senate as
quickly as possible.

It is very important that Members of Congress see that there is strong support in the Veteran
Community for this bill and the medal. We have been told in the past that there did not seem
to be support for previous bills.

Contact by email on their website, fax, phone their office, both in Washington, DC and the local
office closest to you. Do it often. Continue to remind them of how large a voting block veterans

29 May 2015
H.R. 91 Veteran's I.D. Card Act of 2015.
This bill passed the House of Representatives on May 18, 2015 402-0. The bill directs the Secretary of 
the Veterans Affairs (VA) to issue an identification card to any veteran who requests it. Provided the 
veteran is not receiving retirement pay or enrolled in the VA Health Care System

3 July, 2014   ,Official News: This evening we conducted a telephonic Board of Directors meeting. Jerald Terwilliger asked to step down as Chairman. Jerry has been a tremendous leader and an asset to the organization. He will stay on as a member of the Board and will always be regarded highly for his many years of service and his many accomplishments. I, Albert J Lepine, was nominated to be the new Chairman, I accepted. I can not replace Jerry however I promise to do my best to represent the organization with pride and honor. Also, Edward Chesky was nominated and added to the Board of Directors and assigned the position of Assistant Adjutant and will eventually move up to the full Adjutant position once we finish the Rules, Regulation, By-Laws and Procedures manuals for the new expanded organization..\


Events and Minutes of American Cold War Veterans 2014 Convention

!5 June, 2014

The morning of 6 June, 2014, members of the American Cold War Veterans walked the hall of Congress.  Members meet with Senators and Congressmen and their staff.

The afternoon event was a memorial ceremony at the Victims of Communism memorial in Washington DC.  A wreath was placed near the statue and comments were addressed by Dr. Lee Edwards, Chairman of Victim of Communism, Fr Charles Nalls, Chaplin of the ACWV’s and National Board member, and Frank Tims, PhD. ACWV Historian and National Board member ACWV.  

On 7 June, 2014, a general membership meeting was held in Washington, DC

Five members of the Board of Directors and 19 other members were present.

The agenda was as follows:

               0800 – 0810: Opening invocation, Pledge of Allegiance

               0810 – 0830: Introductions and approval of agenda

               0830 – 0845: Secretary and treasurer report read and approved

               0845 – 0915: National Chairman’s report

0915 – 0945: Legislation report on the Cold War Service Medal, HR 4807 Sponsored by Represented Israel with six current cosponsors.

               0945 – 1015: Steve Hein, LCDR, USCG retired National Association of Uniformed Veterans

               1015 – 1030 Break

               American Cold War Veterans Convention, Page 2

1030 – 1045:  Looking at the future of the Cold War Education Initiatives

               1045 – 1100:  Social media Al Lepine

1130– 1200:  Motions on the floor

          Several motions were presented and all were seconded and approved:

1.      A motion was made to add legacy and associate members to our organization.  The membership of the ACWV’s is aging.  We look to spouses (Associate members) and lineal decedents of members (legacy members) to keep our memory alive.  Approved
2.      A motion to grant Regional, State and local Chapters was made.  In order to serve our members and their communities, local chapter will be established.  The motion carried with this stipulation:  Rules, regulations and By-laws will have to be completed and published before starting any local groups.  A committee will be formed to accomplish this.  Approved
3      A motion to allow for three different size patches.  A service cap patch 2”, shoulder patch 2 ½” and a 3” vest patch.  Approved to order.
4.      A motion to research Cold War sales of pins, challenge coins etc. was presented.  Approved
5.      A motion to approve Albert J Lepine to serve as the National Adjutant.  Approved
6.      A motion to research benefits for ACWV members was addressed.  A benefits committee will be established.  Approved
7.      A motion to create a Cold War pamphlet that could be distributed to educate people about the history and military service of Cold War Veterans.  Approved

Meeting was adjourned, Benediction and break for lunch

1200 – 1330:  Lunch with speaker Marion Smith, Executive Director Victims of Communism Memorial foundation.

1330 – 1430:  Travel to Arlington Cemetery

1420 – 1630:  Annual Memorial Ceremony at Arlington.  Speakers were: Chaplain Nalls, ACWV Chaplain and Board member, Frank Tims, Historian and Board member, Jerry Terwilliger, Chairman of the Board and Ernie Gallo, survivor of the USS Liberty and ACWV Board member.

16:30 – 1800 Social hour at the hotel

8 June 2014

0900 – 1000:  Religious Chapel service, Father Thomas W. Vece. FSJ.

1000 – 1220: Travel to the Navy Memorial

1200 to 1400: USS Liberty Memorial Service.  Speakers were:  Frank Tims PhD. ACWV Historian and ACWV Board member, Ernie Gallo, USS Liberty Survivor and ACWV Board member

End of Convention



Albert J Lepine

National Adjutant

American Cold War Veterans

June 4, 2012 - President Obama Response from 14 Oct 11 OEOB Meeting with ACWV

8-8-2011 DOD response on S 402 Cold War Service Medal.pdf


The Liberty Cipher: Cold Warfare IV: by Patrick J. Pacalo, PhD., CPT (AUS), CP
http://www.publishamerica.net/product42323.html - ISBN: 978-1-4626-0908-6

Feb 17, 2011 - Senators Snowe, Collins, Webb and Kerry Introduce Legislation Honoring Cold War Veterans
February 17, 2011 WASHINGTON, D.C. – U.S. Senators Olympia J. Snowe (R-Maine), Susan Collins (R-Maine), Jim Webb (D-Virginia) and John Kerry (D-Massachusetts) today introduced the Cold War Service Medal Act of 2011, legislation to authorize the design and award of a service medal to honor America’s Cold War veterans. Such a medal does not currently exist.

Dec 22, 2010 - Senate forgoes it's work on passage of their version of NDAA(S.3454) to go home early without debate on NDAA, passing House version(H.R.6523) of NDAA without debate and with normal conference reconciliation. The Cold War Service Medal (Sec.566) in the Senate version side-stepped. Congress FAILS Cold War Veterans at Christmas!

National Defense Authorization Act for Fiscal Year 2011 Includes Sec.566 Cold War Service Medal!

May 28, 2010 - Senate Reports Out NDAA 2011 Mark-Up and Includes CWSM Provision! (see page 13)
NDAA FY11 Markup Press Release.pdf

Apr. 2, 2010 - Press Release - Rep. Zach Wamp (TN-3) Recognizing Our Cold War Veterans.

Mar. 21, 2010 - House Unanimously Agrees To Recognize Cold War Veterans (429 yeas 0 nays).

Mar. 21, 2010 - Rep. Israel Resolution "H.Res.900 - Cold War Veterans Recognition Day" Passes in House of Reps.

Nov. 5, 2009 Press Release - Cold War Service Medal Act of 2009

Sep. 9, 2009 - Thanks to everyone who participated in our "Ask the Secretary" effort. We had over 40,000 votes on 99 questions submitted by our site visitors. We will be posting his answers to the top 5 questions here soon. http://www.defense.gov/voting/PollDetails.aspx?ID=1

Q. What question would you like the Secretary to answer?

Poll Results:  results do not reflect the opinion of the Department of Defense    

1. Secretary Gates: Are you in favor of, and will you issue a Cold War Victory Medal this Year?    83.7%    
2. Would you support a Europe Defense Service Medal to recognize those who served in the front line of freedom from 1945-1991?    45.3%    
3. What are the strategic military goals in Afghanistan and how do they support the US national goals?    35.1%    
4. Should the US Navy be tasked with dealing with pirates? If so, then what modifications need to be made so that the US Navy can effectively control the pirate threat?    33.5%    
5. What retaliation are you willing to use against the D.P.R.K. if they ever use nuclear weapons?    33.4%    

SECDEF has still not answered the Poll.


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